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what do you want me to draw?👀
1. this is not request
2. basically doodles
3. please say the name of character you want
4. it doesn't mean that I'll draw anything
5. I only do this occasionally
6. I don't draw OC

please support my fanbox, I'll upload akari and other art later👀👍

if they want to delete the content on patreon, ok I can. but it would be too arrogant for them to control the content of websites other than patreon. this is essentially driving me away👀

oneshota?👀 👩 👦
OneShot: World Machine Edition - Release Date Trailer - Nintendo Switch @YouTubeより

I like that some people like to talk about how to protect minorities that are considered weak by society like LGBT, but at the same time they are discriminating against other minorities who don't belong to their circle👀

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