@kaeli I love the eerie vibe she exudes as she stares with caution, like she's trying to smile but actually wants to cry. Terrific form & definition, plus cool eclectic Goth styling. Coat & boots make her seem used to roaming and projects an air or authority, despite no slacks. I like how she pieced together the parasol into a sweet ornament that's also able to slow her fall. Though I still worry about the dark forces grasping at her from below. Hopefully she'll be okay. Thanks.

@Allan_Grey Or she is already out of time and is about to be called to heaven. The sea and sky are cold. But the sky is full of light.

She will look at me and say. "I'm done"
Thank you~ :blobreach:

@kaeli Her face tells me life has been hard, and she definitely looks like she deserves some peace… but I will still miss her. Thanks again.

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