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Made a carrd for my commission pricelist and TOS! Check it out here:

If you like my art and want to support me, my ko-fi is here:

tadahiro was my coziest otp
(repost i forgot 2 make this public sorry shdhfhd)

Welp. First flu of 2019 and I have a bunch of comms I have to finish. Fuck me

I've had the pleasure of joining very talented artists to make this, please check it out!

Bound for glory Volume 2
Bigger and better, we're back! 55+ Illustrations of boys in all kinds of steamy situations provided by 10 great artists.
Buy a copy at EF25 or get the digital download right now!


Multi slot adult x cub YCH!

Work will be lined + flat colored!
USD 45 FOR BOTH characters. No wings or scalies, please!
Body type will remain the same.
USD 40 for just the cub and a solid (single colored) adult.

If you don't have a dominant character available you can choose a color for them to be.
Paypal only please!

PWYW single character sketches (extra floating hands/dicks are ok) are open again, Minimum of USD 15, quality scales the more you pay! Pay over 35 and get it flat colored! All I need is a ref and a keyword :) Send me a message here, Inkbunny or on Telegram for more info~

Just some doodles of human Ari, is that a very large dick or is it just in the foreground? It's up to you!

Old sketch on my tablet of Resasuke and an extra affectionate venus fly trap because he takes care of his plants so dang well.

Apologies if it looked like I unfollowed/followed, my follows list was derping

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