Succy Tug

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Sometimes it's hard you know? To keep on living, to deal with new problems, to have repeats of older problems. No matter how big or small they are, they still can get to us very deeply. They can tear us, make us choose wrong options, put us in depressive state. It's important to have someone who understands then. Who can just listen. And who offers a hug.

Shower selfie
[1 image 2304x3456px] [posted on FANbox on 15.02.2020]

Another selfie with Lukase. OwO

Alien molestation
[1+1 images 2250x3000] [alternative shot - FANbox exclusive]

Jeffy got abducted! Oh noes! He will get... probed!

[1 image 2250x3000 px] [posted on FANbox 9.02.2020]

Herrooo... just standing here :3

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