Animation - Cassie and doggo

Non watermarked and alt :

Cass has really been into Harley Quinn lately. WGFD



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So, this one isn't nsfw, and it's a bit overdramatic, but it's a continuation of "Blackmail" and "Valentine's Day", and I want to explore more my OCs xD

But don't worry, you'll soon see a lot of lewd action between them!

And I decide to make a more stylized background for the gang, and a more realistic home for my heroes character with more real body proportions xD

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"Loud Love"
Case file 002: Leni

Data acquisition progress: [IIIIIIIIII--------- 50%]
More to be collected.

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this is the last image reward for Patreon before the change of the system...
yes, we gonna change the system starting on march 1st... so stay tuned to grab one of the new slots!

a lot of Roxy this month.... I like it

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My first animation commission! Deegee enjoying herself after school ๐Ÿ˜‹

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