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I guess I should have one of these as well. All prices are subject to change depending on the request of course.

Luz x King -- (the owl house)

If you want support me for moar Pics like this and more exclusive content (wink wink)

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Another not quite as simple pixel animation.

Re-uploaded so the image was more visible.

I guess I should have one of these as well. All prices are subject to change depending on the request of course.

A simple commission for a small pixel animation featuring an Original Character.


This is the first futanari variation of a 600+ frame animation done through a collaboration with two friends; Kaori and Kilei. Big thanks to them and Kyattsu's community!

You can see Kyattsu's work here:

The second variation with Kilei and the Wolf will follow eventually.




This is just a small part of the 400+ frames of animation I am working on in two variations.

Hopefully it won't be too long until it is complete...





Introducing a friend's OC: Deliah Clyler!

Deliah is a member of a prestigious family of magic users, and as such, she has always had high expectations to live up to. It gives her a bit of a haughty attitude, and she can easily come across as a snide, stuck up bitch to others! As with many mages of the noble caste she wouldn't consider "debasing" herself with bestial relations, and instead enjoys regular infusions of mana thanks to her family fortune... but that's all about to change...

i was just joking about the 6 months thing tehepero

Seras Victoria as a nun servicing (rimming) some doggos. A request from /trash/.


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