This is the line drawing of a painted version from a long time ago. The coloured one is nice... but I think I like the simplicity of the lines only.

@joerandel Sometimes uncolored is best I think. That nice clean simple look, where the lines really stand out.

@gdragon I totally agree. I feel that everything is clearer in this version.

@joerandel Very much agreed. Color is nice and all, but it can sometimes obscure the original crispness of the line drawing.

@TheEvilFairy Thank you! I’m glad others see things like I do. 😊

@joerandel This is a Classic Jeanette. I always liked this lineart best even if the cum-bathed one is nice too

@pokephilefantasy Thank you! I too love some nice clean line work. Sometimes it’s better then a fully painted picture.

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