@jjfrenchie Lovely. And i have a fetish for little girls in skating gear.

@jjfrenchie so lewd despite being clothed. Still want to see her bend over in those shorts

@jjfrenchie With that pose, her shorts pulling tightly against her crotch and no doubt revealing the shape of her bottom, if not plenty of skin鈥 it's no wonder there's a huge hard erection behind her. Meanwhile she's pretending just to be cooling off, airing out some tasty perspiration as she catches her breath. I bet her skin is warm and very sensitive too. Thanks for a view of the best attraction in the City of Love.

@jjfrenchie Even though everyone's waiting for her to get lewded, this is a cute pic of a cute girl!

Now to wait for the lewds...

@jjfrenchie Wow, Fanny is a sweet piece of a French bun! 馃槏

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