I fucking HATE BioWare right now. Playing the companion quest "In A Pickle" for my Gunslinger, and the map shows that I have to go through a big Imperial settlement filled with god-like guys who mow me down any time I get close. Turns out there's other options but the only ones the game shows are "go through this settlement, get killed, and then hope you don't keep getting killed in order to get through a place you're not supposed to be in!"

Brillaint game design there, dumbshits!

Like, here's a novel idea, dumb-dumbs: how's about giving me a quest where, if it leads into Imperial territory and there's a way to get there that doesn't require me to lay down my life every five seconds, that you ACTUALLY FREAKING SHOW IT ON THE MAP!

I know, I know, it's sooooo terrible to ask a game dev to make a game FUN for the people who play it. Whatever am I thinking, wanting a GAME to be fun?

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@DrakeIndoryl idk isn't the game figuring out how to do the thing without dying?
it's like if you play minesweeper, but it shows you where the mines are so you just have to carefully not click them

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@jellymouse Depends on the player. For me it's about the story mainly, not so much the "challenge."

But even if it was the "challenge" I still would have a problem with being directed to what is essentially suicide by the game itself in order to get to where I'm trying to go. That's just bad game design, imo

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