Rain of Doodles #467

I wonder how he made it possible?
Requested by Cyro Paws
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Rain of Doodles #466

I guess you mean the size of the muscles, right?
Requested by NullOne
Apogee belongs to ShinoNSFW ( twitter.com/ShinoNSFW )
are exclusive for Patrons (Lv. 5 to up)

Patreon Commission #056

You do know how to please your superiors.
Commissioned by Linuxpony
Full Doodle
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Patreon Commission #055

A particular honeymoon?
Commissioned by NullOne
Full Regular W/Background
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s9e01-02 - 10

That's why he better resorts to the use of mind control masks.
("Like" if you understood the reference)
Requested by me

Stream Commission #055
Very well served with something extra.
Flat Regular
Commissioned by Foggy Bottom
[Prices & Commissions List] ( docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d )

Patreon Commission #054

First day of training for new staff.
Commissioned by Delta Dart
Flat Doodle W/Background
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We played in the monster machine in the exclusive Discord server, and these were the results.

s9e01-02 - 7

At least now she won't cause any more trouble
Requested by me

s9e01-02 - 6

It didn't go as expected although it could be worse.
Requested by me

Patreon Commission #053

It's nothing personal, it's just business.
Commissioned by Teofilo & CrescentLyoko
Full Doodle W/Background
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