For anyone that opened up an itaku, they've changed their tune and are hostile to loli/shota content.

im certain some of the stuff posted here is singlehandedly responsible for maintaining our biosphere through god's shed tears

There is no monetization to keep the lights on for this server. No paid sponsors or ad revenue, no board of directors or shareholders to answer to. No selling of private data.

As such, I don’t know for how long I can bear the brunt for the necessary upgrades needed on the horizon to keep registrations open. If you can spare anything, it’d mean so much to me. Otherwise I may have no choice but to switch us to invite only.

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To handle the increased loads at the rate we are growing, will need to move from a single dedicated server to a multi-server infrastructure by the end of 2022.

I am still in the process of trying to find a new host that will support the internal networking of 2 servers that can meet the near future demands of our community. However, I am estimating the total server cost to go up from $300 per month that it currently costs me to around $450-500 per month by EOY.

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Today marks the 5th year anniversary of and the community we have here. Without the support of everyone, I would not have the resolve to fight back against those that have been relentless in their attempts to take us down.

I hate to have to beg or make a plea for donations. But I am getting stretched thin with work and the upkeep costs for this server. At the rate of growth we are experiencing, we will need to upgrade our server setup by the end of this year to keep up.

I wondered writing this if I was being selfish, but I don't think I care actually.

I enjoy mutually viewing each other's work and engaging with each other, It's fulfilling to know even from across the sea my work is appreciated by the nation that created the style, but now It's onesided and the best way to say "hello I exist" without being obnoxious (likes and stuff) is completely removed. It's like we're just expendable metric padders for them.

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Pawoo pisses me off, I hate being a ghost to a lot of the JP artists I follow.

any time i curiously engage with and read an anti argument i cant help but notice how almost every single one comes from an attitude that the world needs to revolve around them or children, often both.


deleted most of my screed, when im angry i tend to forget that even my shitty experiences are a minority of people lol

feelings are still there though

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