federal agents lookin for a honeypot hit me up on IMVU ;-))

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just in case someone thinks theyll own me for saying ive been political; im referring to anything but things explicitly related to art and censorship.

thank god for self-moderation. gonna block people who post political garbage on an art platform.

i dont mean limits to what i can post btw, i mean limits to what they actually use to find it or how serious they moderate it. i want your experiences

has anyone else had experience getting owned by discord for loli/shota content

looking to know the limits so i can get past them

i think it is very stupid that we have to say "all characters are 18+" in some places, about art

it completely contradicts our arguments that its just drawings and appeals to the moral/legal side that the crybabies want to be in control of.

if i want to draw a 10 year old getting boned, im going to fucking do it. come and try and stop me and ill show you why the second amendment exists.

feels all gooey inside when an artist whose works ive ripped my dick off to, follows me

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an interesting read on mastodon and its history, especially with regard to lolicon and japanese instances

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