@Lust3D I don't know this one.. is it available to download/play somewhere? I'm always up for some mare ass. hah

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@iorarua Hehe it's a up to down game with a lot of rape things which we (Pixel Fetish and me) was working to finish before this month, but the lack of time don't let us to polish it properly. Here a screenshot . We will publish when we feel it more polished.

@Lust3D Oh yeah, I think I saw you mention it was something you were working on. Sounds like lots of fun. Let me know if you need an alpha/beta tester. I don't have tons of time, but I would make time to check this out. :)

@Lust3D Thanks! I don't expect anything, just an open offer. Rapey horse cock/mare ass gaming just sounds enticing. hah

@iorarua I really want to publish it because is playable but it have a pair of bugs which can ruin the experience. Is a "rape or get raped" game. And yes someones loves equines so much tehehe

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