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If you're a legit pedophile, I mean the ones attracted to REAL children, please do not interact with me. I don't care if you're a non-offending pedo, I still want nothing to do with you.

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Hey, I'm Insane Proxy, but you can just call me Proxy or IP! I'm a 32 year old bisexual NSFW artist. I'm a furry and an otaku. I have severe social anxiety so it's hard for me to hold a conversation. m(_ _)m Here are my two fursonas. C:

I sketched a rough thing of a loli. Just trying to learn the proportions. I'm really bad at this.

"Bi gay" is the dumbest thing I've heard today. Sexuality is fluid and not completely binary. You can be a gay person and still find the opposite sex attractive. Almost no one is 100% exclusive. BTW this works with straight people, too.

I forgot I had a Gab account. I think I'll shitpost and see how long it takes me to get banned.

Most of the kinks/fantasies/fetishes I really like I don't even draw. :')

I think the "ace spectrum" is inherently queerphobic.

Whenever I see a sapphic person complaining about sexy women in media, I always question whether or not they're actually sapphic. People who I know that are legit sapphic LOVE seeing sexy women in media because they're attracted to women! So I feel some of these people aren't actually sapphic, they're...just pretending to be, possibly for IDPOL points.

One time I was playing Kingdom Hearts and then all of a sudden I got the urge to beat people with my keys. Spent 4 months in jail for physical assault. I guess the antis are right, fiction totally does affect reality. :C

I want Naofumi to roughly toss me on the bed and fuck me raw and hard. 😩

WTF is wrong with me, I watch an anime for 5 minutes and instantaneously become attached to a character.

I remember when someone on Jast's discord server posted a Stonetoss comic and the mod team saw no issue with it.

Should I draw Elon Musk being fucked by a horse?

Why are there so many blowjob pics with the giver crying? Do people really cry when they give blowjobs?

I might have asked this before but I'll ask again: Does anyone know of an alternative to something like Ko-Fi or Paypal that will allow me to remain anonymous?

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