Chapter 12 : "Bad Words" is OUT!

Alex and Alyssa, exhausted after a long night, attempt to stay awake while their clothes are drying. How far will they go to keep themselves awake?

Chapter 12 :

Chapter 1 (Start from Beginning) :

Chapter 11 : Bare is OUT!

Alex and Alyssa decide to cool down from their intense night of passion with a refreshing bath.

Chapter 11 :

Start from the Beginning - Chapter 1 :

Yet another awesome commission of Alyssa I got from the wonderfully talented @Highware. This time with some more spice! Portraying the ending of Chapter 10.

Thanks once again to Highware for being so awesome to do business with.

Chapter 10 is OUT!

IT'S THE CLIMAX! Alex and Alyssa sneak into the Jones family's empty house to play a game.

Chapter 10 :

Chapter 1 (Start from Beginning) :

Chapter 9 is OUT!

As the weeks go by, Alex and Alyssa begin to see the full gravity of their relationship, and things begin to snap and shift under the pressure.

Chapter 9 :

Chapter 1 (Start from Beginning) :


Chapter 8 is OUT!
"Nothing Weird"

Date night! Nothing weird about a babysitter getting burgers with a little girl, right?

Chapter 8 :

Chapter 1 (Start from the beginning) :

Chapter 7 : "Gunslinger Al"

Alex and Alyssa have a plan to make sure they can see each other again, though they play some dangerous games in the process.

Chapter 7 :

Start from the Beginning :

Chapter 6 is OUT!


Alex gives Alyssa a special lesson, answering any questions she has about sex. Alex has an idea after Alyssa shows him the basement.

Chapter 6 :

Start from the Beginning :

I wanted to go for a more comedic vibe with this chapter after so many tears. Hope you guys enjoy!

Chapter 5 is FINALLY OUT!

"Butterflies and Kisses"

Alex and Alyssa begin to experiment with one another and explore their feelings. Alex stresses over the boundaries they're pushing. There also may be some butt grabbing in there somewhere.

Chapter 5 :

Start from the Beginning :

Chapter 4 is OUT!

"Cowgirls Needn't Have Modesty"

Alex's fears and resolve are put to the test as Alyssa decides to bare it all after her shower. It's time for things to heat up!

Chapter 4 :

Start from the Beginning :

RTs are appreciated!

Chapter 3 OUT NOW!

Alex attempts to confront his demons and apologize to Alyssa, only to learn she has some demons of her own, and as they try and heal together the situation grows more intimate.

Chapter 1 :

Chapter 3 :

Happy New Year! To celebrate, Chapter 2 is OUT! It's Alex's first day babysitting, and a friendship begins to bloom, however, things may get a little... odd.

Chapter 1 is out now! (18+)

A teen boy looking for cash gets an offer to babysit the rambunctious daughter of a wealthy family for a weekend, and an unlikely bond begins to form.

I hope you guys enjoy it. Chapter 2 should be coming pretty soon as well.

Annnd, it's done! The first comic in my new series "Taboos". Meet Alyssa, a bubbly young girl and her babysitter, Alex. He's been taking care of her for quite some time whenever her parents go out (which is often) and they're almost like family at this point. But they both have a very dirty secret.

I'm really happy with how this turned out.

Lewd Hand Placement :O (also loli) 

Jeez, I'm tryna make like actual nsfw art for the first time and like... maybe this is vulgar but... how do you guys do this shit and not like constantly have to take breaks to get off? Honestly, it's like you have to take in every detail you're drawing so it hits you like twice as hard as just looking at drawings does.

Working on a little something. A girl and her babysitter. (for now)

Decided to try messing around with SFM, tried to give my patented inkling butt pfp an upgrade of sorts.

Team Order vs Team Chaos

Game : Koikatsu
Character Models : @Witchanon

I ran it through a 2x neural network and did some photoshopping stuff to make them look better as well. :)


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