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Underage, Dubious Consent A very short Gaster x Frisk fic to let off some steam. Involves mentions of tentacles, and explicit oviposition.

Thank you Cookie Run for giving us not one, but TWO, horny non-binary dragons.

Noelle butts~ ❀️
She's lovely, an angel even, one would say.

Devil Cookie....hes such a brat and I love him πŸ’•
I want to touch and hold him :)

With coming out, I feel like doing a Pinup on
the shower.
was always one of my favorite games, and I loved the characters there, specially sasha an .
I think the most fun of his character desing is drawing his hair.
What do you think he'd say on this self quality time? "oh dear" or something else? I can't help thinking about it,hehe, his voice is hot!

underage (implied) 

Loboto design from a WIP comic, tldr a mental construct of himself in his mind.

I wanted to draw him and Raz together.... cause I love Sasha x Raz but Loboto x Raz lives in my head rent free.

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