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A small sketch of Truffle Cookie from tending to one of her spiders.

underage, grooming 

I honestly really like the idea of BP(minor) being groomed by several older women. It’s just so- *chefs kiss*

underage loli incest 

Got some sketches of both!! I am personally weak for Almond and Creampuff ;//v//;

My thirst is strong and I have a weak spot for knights and princes

I just wanted to draw Madeleine.

And why Chocoleine? Why not?
It's something different than Espresso x Madeleine 24/7. (´-﹏-`;)

underage, grooming 

sorry literally disappearing, I hope I can make it up with some problematic cookie run porn

in case you don’t know who these are: almond cookie(dilf), peppermint cookie(minor), ice captain cookie(milf), and butter pretzel cookie(minor)

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