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Because I think it's worth mentioning, here's a list of my favorite shotas in no particular order:

Insector Haga (YuGiOh)
Chris (King of Fighters)
Dave Strider (Homestuck)
Undertaker (Camp WWE)
Akita Toushirou (Touken Ranbu)
Kappa (Onmyoji)
Mandark (Dexter's Lab)
Hans (The Count Lucanor)
Fukami (Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea)
Milhouse (The Simpsons)

These are the ones I like the most, but I enjoy many more <3

gold and his little chikorita!! i wanna try to draw the boys a little bit too, and he's one of my favorites.

need to figure out some headcanons :blobcheer:

My mind is trying to get itself into a funk so it's time to draw lewd Haga's to take my mind out of it /pulls out references

decided to finish up on a super old drawing of my lalaboi since i really really liked the sketch

Day 16 "Wild"

You know, someone says human is the wildest creature in the world, so... :blobsmirk:

Sketching ideas. I'm not used to drawing non humans, so it looks super wonky and the perspective is ????? but we getting there lol

"I'm not a furry" I proclaim, as I browse through furry porn on pixiv.


Can someone explain to me why I wanna draw Wendy O Koopa smut?

It's very important to draw MORE GIRLS! I'm being kinda better at drawing boobs by the way they look like they are where they belong lol
Also a bunny girl, in a bunny suit. Also I dunno how to draw anthro or color XD

When you try to go for your cutesy style but then you end up making a 15 year old look like he's 7.......
I mean, it's not a bad thing, but it certainly wasn't intentional jgfkhchc

I forgot to say here what game I'm playing, it's called Lost Life, just a little warning, the bad ending is a bit guro (she bites your penis)

So, treat your loli well :3

The patreon for support!

And the blog (Japanese) :

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