added discord id to my profile, friend me or send me ur favorite proship discord servers

which shota do I do the secret photo challenge with... ? 🤔 😈

nudity, extortion, p1xar 

forgot about this silly one from m4xvid week in which m4x is ratatouie

old random dump (1/?) 

still not drawing much. just gonna post some old stuff. doodles/friend ideas.

so many new followers!! hello everyone, welcome to my personal hell blog!!! enjoy the shotas! 🤗

nudity, incest, furry 

old fav art of mine, duckcest featuring l0uie/hu3y 🦆

nudity, possession, 

fucked up b1pper Halloween commission for anonymous 🎃

nudity, dubcon, dirty feet, 

some cr1cket gr33ns from when i tried to make a cr1cket stan account 🥲

masturbation, cumshot, 

m4x enjoying personal time not thinking about dav1d at all 😳😖💦

dubcon, age difference 

age reversal au and demon/priest au from m4xv1d month of years past

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