Hanazuki was a fun ride. I wish the series took off but much like Ruby Gloom, they didn't find the market. Oh well, link to icons below as always.


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Yesterday Studio Massa launched a dutch crowd funding campaign to get out more episodes of Ongezellig, that got me very excited. If you haven't watched the first episode of Ongezellig then you should.


This icon set went really smooth, I loved that Gravity Falls comic VS made so I was very happy when he game me the OK to make folder icons of his work. Link below as always.


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I had Egg Shoppe on my todo list for a while, glad I got around to finishing these folder icons cause he draws a glorious booty.


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Cross posting from pixiv, after getting over of sad thoughts i only have productivity, guess it’s time to do that :screaming_cat:

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Here's the result of Bitchy Rivals #3,
Dylan training Mackenzie B πŸ˜…

The next (kinda different) poll is up on subscribestar.adult/pears !

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Normally I just post my edits somewhere on 4chan and leave them to die but I rather like this one. Been on a Sonic binge lately and haven't done much else with my free time.

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