@anotherthrowaway oops i think you might have delete or edit whatever post this was attached too, i hope you still get these replies idk how finicky baraag is-

anyways dude thanks for this, this was a pleasant surprise. i was literally the only one enthusiastic about my weird shotacon zelda au and i’m so pumped someone else is into this. i have SO much concept work for this shit and i’m in love with this lil ganon concept. thank u for blessing me with this

@anotherthrowaway it’s funny you say this because literally yesterday i was drawing slave boy ganon. i didnt include older link in my sketches but i certainly considered it. i’ll post some sketches tomorrow when i’m on my computer again-

my only add on is that this baby slave ganon also turns into pig ganon, like at the end of oot? so he turns into this tiny chimera werewolf and has to get restrained in fortified cuffs and chains, and then proceeds to get his ass blown out by guards

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i should really post a close up of this without the cum bc i put a lot of care and attention into rendering that prolapse.

kind of a sequel to the last pic of him getting spitroasted

idk how y’all feel about prolapse, but ur about to get it

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Shota, Link (Legend of Zelda), Tentacles, Noncon, Ripped clothing 

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