🎮 Halloween Game

Some houses are "safe" to visit. Other houses... well, see for yourself!

If you gather lots of candy, you can unlock new play modes, and even a character select. Hint: There are extra bags of candy lying around town.

💾 download the

More about this game:

@humbird0 I like your games like always, but I think I'm missing something using virtualbox (I'm using linux) the windows looks like having a yellow overlay with alpha at maximun (totally opaque). I guess it comes from the 2d acceleration from my VM. It must let see what is happening inside, right ?

@Lust3D Just a blind guess, but maybe it's not handling the textbox's mask correctly.

One thing you might try is opening the SWF version of the game in an old linux Flash player to run it natively.

🔗 humbird0.com/content/games/hal

Adobe included linux versions with each of their standalone flash players.

🔗 web.archive.org/web/2020071819

@humbird0 Yes, I had one of those launchers already. The problem it was I had only the .exe. Thanks for the help.


@Lust3D If you go to the "more info" link you can find other downloads, including the original SWF files.

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