🎮 Halloween Game

Some houses are "safe" to visit. Other houses... well, see for yourself!

If you gather lots of candy, you can unlock new play modes, and even a character select. Hint: There are extra bags of candy lying around town.

💾 download the

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@humbird0 I've seen your stuff float around for years. Do you have any plans for change since Flash is going under? Any change of engine?

@WWhiskey I've been curious about just writing stuff in JavaScript. It'd be cool to make an RPG Maker that runs in the browser. But realistically it's not likely to happen because I work 12 hour days and just don't have the time or energy for big projects these days.

But there's nothing stopping me from just telling Flash to generate an EXE version of my games that will run flawlessly on any computer made in the last 20 years, so… no biggie.

Just one of the things Flash can do that HTML can't.

@WWhiskey For example, you don't need Flash, or even a browser, to run this old Halloween game I just posted. It's an EXE.

@humbird0 Oh no, I know, I was just curious. Feels like there's going to be a lot of older stuff elsewhere lost along with Flash support.

@WWhiskey Unless... we made a backup of every Flash game ever made?
(or at least the all ones we can find)

Besides, only Google and Firefox are really dropping Flash. You could always use Pale Moon instead and have an up-to-date browser with support for Flash and all the old Firefox extensions too.

@WWhiskey The FlashPoint archive is currently around 416 GB so far.

@humbird0 I more meant Adobe itself is dropping Flash support overall, if memory serves

@humbird0 I like your games like always, but I think I'm missing something using virtualbox (I'm using linux) the windows looks like having a yellow overlay with alpha at maximun (totally opaque). I guess it comes from the 2d acceleration from my VM. It must let see what is happening inside, right ?

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