SDC's DGoodies:
Feb's 2020 Char. Discount Poster

~ A stand-alone version of the pic done for the commissions' Character Discount I did for February 2020 featuring the good ol' guy that promotes the awareness of Duff!

Not that I would lick dose pits and cock, but yes I would :V xD

Character from The Simpsons;

C.425 Drain Duff... Responsively xP
Commissioned by Heroix

Duffman's hips say OH YEAH ;
but Duffman's head says OH NOES !

Character from The Simpsons;




This image has 3 more versions!
all of them as exclusive for Patreon, Subscribestar and Gumroad Store
available after the end of the month!
Until next!

"Ancient Rituals" (Drawtober #5)
wasnt able to finish drawtober this year due to school work. hopefully next year :cry_konata: :anime_mistake:

Velma and Daphne (based off their live action movies) for 90sbruh ๐Ÿ‘

@minorcoded Have some Mac/Frankie. Thanks again for getting me into the ship. Also, first non-gay thing in a while...

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