Once Luna fell asleep in front of a fireplace and something astonishing has happened to her... She still can't get whether it was a dream or real.

Happy Holidays, everyone! ^_^

Think about tossing a coin here on Fanbox pixiv.net/fanbox/creator/18737
I would really appreciate it!

Billa and Lily have some fun in a field~

This is a commission I got "free" from Blackmoon as thanks for being a big fanbox supporter! Consider following them on Pixiv and maybe supporting the fanbox too; they draw super cute stuff!

Blackmoon's HicceArs profile: hiccears.com/artist-profile.ph

Blackmoon's Pixiv profile: pixiv.net/en/users/515040

Blackmoon's fanbox: blackmoon.fanbox.cc

Liz and Meru's warmup with audio.
Download the 2 minute+ video: kyot.me/cti3v09ob5hc.mp4

And the continuation that was made earlier. Meru and Liz quality time: a.kyot.me/JRvjf61.mp4

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