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so i managed to finish the comic before the end of october πŸ₯³ πŸ₯³

a short, 15-page story between a trainer and her gijinka aegislash where they attempt to find a way to, well, pass the time :V

download the full comic here (free) :

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also i guess just to get it out there since i completely forgot to mention their names

the dark haired girl in braids + round glasses that i draw often is karin

the older blonde guy i always draw her with is caled

well, fujin hours technically but i don't really care either way jahcdvhf

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more smtv spoilers + fujo hours for me

aogami would most likely be a service top but his actual identity being susanoo is Making Me Think that he would wreck V-kun (sexually) if given the chance or something. like. idk. he's jus holding back because he doesn't want to hurt him :(

sleep deprived rn but the last paragraph is just a lot of words 2 say that i also want to see twincest essentially

as much as i like V-kun and aogami holding hands in the lewdest way possible i also kinda wanna see aogami get fucking wrecked real bad

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talking abt this here because i dont want to get assblasted on twitter or smth

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smtv spoilers

i wish they focused a bit more on koshimizu and yuzuru because koshi has str8 up groomer vibes considering how subservient yuzuru is to him

also on aogami in general >:( man's fused to the protag and they forget about him like halfway through the game

it also wouldave been nice to see more >brotherly dynamics between him and koshi since.... turning your (dead..? sort of) brother into what is functionally a robotic servant is kinda ........ 🀨

>report dm to twitter
>not in violation of our rules uwu

ah. useless!

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ngl this is just funny but damn. how many of you do i have to block for my overall twitter experience to be quieter

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200k blocked on twitter and i still end up getting people telling me to get help thru DMs....

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