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Let's surf

I think surfing is a really cool sport.
I think it has been a passionate play culture since ancient times.

Hibis loves surfing.
She surfs at a speed of 30 kilometers per second and she is a really fast surfer.
She draws a perfect circle once every 365 days.

Traveling in the ocean of information is also called surfing.
Yes, we are surfers.

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Hibis' speech
(She says,)

Sometimes we aspire to be free from gravity, and as a result humans built airplanes.

The gravity of our world is essential. But if it is too strong, people will not walk properly. Of course, people will not be able to fly freely.

Please raise your hands high and feel the value of freedom.

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And her eyes were closed.
One bailiff watching her crucifixion was afraid to tell others of her own thoughts that she had been politically sacrificed.

As she said, the world will not change easily. The world always moves in the right direction, but the process causes sacrifice.

If her cross becomes a tree of freedom, would that tree of freedom eats her blood and grow?

The bailiff looks at her.
She was very calm.

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The story behind the crucifixion episode.

Earlier, the soldiers fixed her feet back to the side of the cross, but she still struggled to breathe.

The soldiers attached ropes to her arms to help her last a little longer.

Those who watched this process wondered how this girl, who was once a promising elite politician candidate and loved by people, faced this miserable fate.

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Crucifixion Episode
Now she hangs high on her fate.
The crowd thinks she's been given her punishment that she deserves.

But why?
Seeing her in her suffering, some people are puzzled by this execution.
Should we even do this in the name of political correctness?

Meanwhile, hanging high on the cross, she breathes more and more rapidly. The soldiers fixed her feet back to the side of the cross. This will allow her to survive a little better.

But that's all.
Poor girl.

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Episode Prologue

The bailiff sets her up on a high place and speaks to the crowd.

(ECCE PUELLA = Look at this girl)

The crowd heard his speech and began to scream.

But her facial expression was as calm as a lake.
Without shaking...

It was as if she was alone in another world.
Even in the dark shouts of the crowd, she stood alone brilliantly...

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Episode Prologue
This is an episode story.

(The girl writing a letter,
The content of the letter she writes to someone.)

~ Dear my love
I think the beliefs I believe in benefit the world.

You shouldn't be sad if you don't find me after today.
I am for the fate I have to accept.

The world doesn't change so easily, but once it starts to change, it changes quickly...

(After writing the letter, it seems to have stopped halfway.)

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Hibis's Shining Aurora

Her beautiful blue hair is the ocean, her pure skin is the continent, her white cloth around her is the atmosphere, and energy that she radiates forms her magnetosphere.

Her magnetic wings protects herself from her harmful things that collide with her, and protects us.

Young World Tree

The world tree is the house where Hibis lives.
So, she carefully manages the world tree.
This tree helps her to manage her own world.

The young world tree will continue to grow and grow to the ends of the planet's atmosphere.

Hibis's Planet

Hibis' planet is her beautiful blue planet.
The diameter of this planet is 360,000 km.

Its mass is 120 times the mass of Jupiter, and its average density is equal to water.
Because of the mass so heavy, water exists as a plasma in the planet's core. And, in part, hydrogen fusion occurs, supporting the star against heavy gravity.

Atmospheric pressure on the surface reaches 1MPa. Earth's humans can live at 1 atm of the planet's atmosphere.

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In The Transparent Sea

Hibis is falling from high altitude in the sky toward the sea.
Between her and her sea, there is a transparent layer with properties between air and water.

This layer is called the transparent sea.
Transparent seas transmit air(oxygen and Nitrogen) and light, but behave like liquids.
So she slowly slows down her speed while breathing in the transparent sea.

It will bring her down safely to the sea level, just like her parachute.

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In the passionate summer.

As her summer matures, so does her body and mind.

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Shining Star Hibis

Everyone has a shining star within themselves.

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Hibis Surfing

Have you ever dreamed of surfing the world's oceans freely?

We ride the waves to the place we want, the place we want to achieve, the place we dream of.

It will be really happy.

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Hibis's Atmosphere

Like many of her other shining beings, she has her atmosphere around herself.

This atmosphere shines in a beautiful blue color.
The vitality we breathe resides here.

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Hibis's Magnetosphere

She has wings made of magnetic fields.
These are the wings of her free energy that she unfolds on her own.

These wings protect her from some harmful influences.
If everyone could get this protection, she would grow her wings even further.

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Hi, I am Hibis.
Welcome to Hibis 's Magic Showtime.

It's great if your lover or friend's nickname is Freedom or Liberty.
Well, because freedom is the root of the tree of world and creation.

Please feel free to enjoy the artists and the world they created.
And you, along with other friends, travel around the world created by artists.

Thank you,
Best Regard.


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