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It's yo fave gay mollusc couple from that weird mollusc paintball game series! 🦑🐙

From '17 and done w 10 colours.

#mastoart #creativetoots #art #animation

Honestly I was surprised by how popular this one was, I feel like I could have drawn it way better. Would like to revisit it at some point maybe.

Definitely need to draw more Andrea.

Been forever since I posted here but I have made a few doodles here and there. Most need to be cleaned up and exported, but I'll see about being more active. Pretty bummed that one of my fave Discord servers to lurk in got nuked and a bunch of artists banned so thought I'd try to see about using Baraag more.

Old Cleo doodle for a Kinktober long past. Meant to use as a base to draw slutwear (and authentic Egyptian slutwear) but never really got around to it.

Cleopatra in Space is available on civilized streaming platforms now, rather than jut pcoc. Go watch it, it's fun.

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