@glow_in_the_dark_cia_agent gotta say I can respect the commitment to following 700+ accounts without ever posting more than once.
Can't say I'd do it but... Good for you?

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Hey all, I'm looking for any artists that draw loli and furry. I'm I'm need of doing a private commission for a friend. Please DM me

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i always find so sad whenever i see grown ass people complain and take "fighting" antis so seriously like an olympic game. how sad one's life must be to get on twitter daily and instead of getting off to kodocon art you spend 99% of the day arguing with teens about the ethics of porn and try to justify fapping to 2D kids. the whole "block and move on" proship saying has gone down the drain long ago.

@hibernotion 5 comics, no context, 15 panels.
I love this. Even with only 5 panels I'm following with the bell.

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Don't think anyone has said this but I wanted to officially thank all the wonderful artists on here who make things that disgust me, and things that excite me.
Thank you all for using the tags. I know it's probably minor, but it's even easier not to, so again thank you.
Also, people who don't like your stuff and ignore the tags should shut their faces.

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EARN IT ACT is the biggest piece of shit I've seen since the PROTECT ACT of 2003.
I don't live in the United States, but unfortunately my people, the Latin Americans, copy what the American idiots do.
I am totally against this crap, as a user and as a developer.

Apparently people follow my account... I'm shocked honestly, didn't think anything I said was all that important

Unpopular opinion: most people have a political opinion and can talk about it, it's histrionic people on the extreme edge of an issue that derail it into screaming.

@Lilithia@pawoo.net do you have a session ID?

@lilly23 I'm curious from looking through your feed: do you like seeing the loli get dick, or is it more like a self insert? I only saw one yuri pic, so I assume your general porn consumption is hetero, might be wrong there.

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if the fictional characters have so many rights that fucking one is rape, then y'all censoring our shit is murder, which is far worse

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