If you know the artist Wyreframez you probably know they have been making a Rosalina model to go in their animations... So this is my tribute to their stuff. Keep up the good work Wyre!

also, bonus Daisy 🌼

And small plug: if you would like the .psd of this drawing it's up on my subscibestar!

Check out my newest animation on subscribestar- Featuring a futa Cia and Midna!

If you'd like to support my future projects, please consider subscribing there! Thank you! :blobblush:


Happy New Year everyone, I'm excited to share with you an animation I've had in the works for a while. Drop by my Subscribestar to check it out- and if you would like to support me in making more animations please consider subscribing! Thank you!!


Bonus Christmas Pearl!

And for those who would like to support my art, I now have a Subcribestar page- Please consider becoming some of the first ever supporters. Merry Xmas!


Christmas wife 2021, and Happy Holidays to you! 🎄 🎁

Be sure to check back here, because I will be uploading an animation I've had in the works soon™

Pregnant Rosa, per request and inspired by Lewdlemage's animation.
Forgive me horny posters, I'm still on a wholesome streak.

Christmas wife 2020- and a merry Christmas to you too! c:

A small Bayonetta futa animation I've had in the works for a while. I hope you enjoy! And hopefully more animations to come.


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