introducing... ✖UNDEFINED✖, penny & salem's (NSFW) story! it's... complicated. mind the content warnings, and have fun~ let me know what you think, also! i love feedback.

Y’all get the version where I didn’t forget to colour the charms 😱

a fun commission i did a while ago but im too nervous to post on twitter gdi!!! XDD But look at them...it's beautiful T__T

I meant to post this days ago, made this doodle of Amma and Francis for one of my commission examples ^^

Something I've been working on since finishing Mitsy's reference sheet. Mitsy teasing her step-brother's friend, Dean, when he comes over to hang out. (Captioned version here: inkbunny.net/s/2456949).

I plan to release an unwatermarked hires version of this as part of a gumroad art pack in the near future, so stay tuned!


I’m tired of all the lolis being paired with mediocre white dudes so here’s a sexy milf with her unlikely little girlfriend

Commission drawn by https://twitter.com/pubbiecum on twitter! Warnings: Omori spoilers, non-con 

A grief-broken Hero fucks young Sunny soon after Mari's death, thinking the boy is his sister.

Just wanted to draw up a quick character ref of my fursona, Mitsy! Feel free to draw her <3

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