New Boi~

His name is Giovanni (Gio for short) and he’s the bratty, spoiled son of a mafia boss who gets what he wants when he wants it. But sometimes his dad gets fed up with him being a brat and punishes him for it 😉


My name is MUK, and I draw a paradise where girls play happily in a somewhat nostalgic landscape. Males are just toys or pets in this world, so they have no human rights.

oc, crossdressing…?, blood 

Yet another ppg oc post. This one’s with @slatchii ‘s devis. This is a redraw + continuation of an old picture… I spent an embarrassing 4.5 hours on this sketch ​:blobsob:​

oc, pregnancy mention, futa 

@haluzeidolic @slatchii I should mention that gree is not futa, but was at one point considered intersex. ​:blobcatgiggle:​ I drew this because I thought it would be cute and funny, considering futa is one of my husbands favorite fetishes ​:blobhug2:​ I may or may not do more futa gree stuff later if I can think of cute scenarios in which it’d be relevant lol

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