good thing they are cartoons, otherwise I don't think that would work. 🧐

Puppy Hal is all "twitterpated" from all the love and attention (dick) he is going to get from Tiger Dad XD

he looks rather silly, lazy, or drunk. he needs someone to pounce on him

Finally, a use for all those micro-USB and old VGA cables. Bound up your Pizza Pup with them. So he doesn't squirm so much ;3

Hal is demonstrating this exercise called "puplifting". Great for working those shoulders and upper arms. This pizza pup is not sure what is happening. But he'll soon figure it out.

Simba & Mufasa and Oliver & Dodger both tied in the last poll I did. Guess I'm doing both! heheh

next rule34 couple I should sketch is:

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