Oh what’s this?? Diivo dealing divine punishment? Mikhail (left) belongs to @gutsmut


what's wrong? you mean it's not fun when the shoe is on the other foot?

i remade my nsfw twitter but i will still be active here to post normal nsfw as well as more.. problematic things lol

vent, noncon 

feeling unbearably vulnerable, it's unacceptable

and i will lie down next to you, but i fear a dead body would feel warm compared to mine

self harm 

an idea.. ethan showcasing his SH scars that he hides under his suit. (sans his body hair) he periodically reopens the cross and "envy" on his abdomen if he's feelin a lil indulgent

hear me out…………… fallen ethan with copious amounts of self harm scars under his suit…… some fresh some old…

obsessed with the older inexperienced virgin man and the sexy young seasoned girl trope. god i love when men are virgins and clumsy and clueless. bonus points if the girl is dominant about taking his virginity mmmmhmmhmmh

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