@gumdrops To see you make a sexy Mabel brings my heart so much joy. You don't even know. Bless gummy gumdrops. 馃檹

@gumdrops dat bod 馃憖馃挦馃挦
holy shit
Very nice gumdrops
Mabel is always a treat but a well drawn Mabel is 馃挴馃挴馃挴

@gumdrops Pacifica: "you call that a skirt lift?"

(Also they need to do a swimsuit competition with the Dip as judge.)

@gumdrops If Mabel had been this showy in "Boss Mabel" then she'd have gotten ten times as many visitors to the Mystery Shack. Freakin' amazing job on so much sweet definition on her pre-teen body, especially those soft little mounds that make themselves known from the shadows. Both her expression & body language shows off Mabel's almost drunken giddiness perfectly. Thanks for the great look into her wild side.

@gumdrops 馃崒馃挦馃挦馃挦

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