@DSLouie in harvest moon 64, you could make that specific character fall in love with you in one day if you show her your dog over and over and over again

@gum I guess I'm not the epicest of gamers :blobcry:
Still very hot though, lol

@gum omg. XD I didn't expect to see this, but amazing. Taking the pup to the bar at night for instant marriage is the funniest bug in that game.

@gum ahhh! I fucking love the Harvest Moon/Story of Seasons games (both franchises)!

@gum I remember when I played harvest moon my dog got glitched and became stuck behind a chest so I cried. Good art!

@gum Karen my beloved! Twas a simpler time giving this woman wine and showing her my dog back in the day. Love me some FoMT!

@gum when harvest moon was good... I chose Popuri but Karen was good

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