@DetectiveHyde omg.. braver than the us marines. well if you have no other info than my 11/10 endorsement, at least the info u do have is accurate!!!!!

@DetectiveHyde not to be highkey annoying, but i am always happy to go to bat for this game lol. the characters are all horny and i want ppl to know!!!!

this might be overstepping, but in case ur interested, this is a good review that personally got me to purchase the game right away. youtu.be/T0YGRMRk5vE

(thank you!! :>)

@DetectiveHyde they are! <33333 theyre so cute. the circumstances are cute too; theyre supposed to be only 2 years apart but the little one (mia) got frozen in time at 12 years old so they became 7 years apart. and it was eriks fault, so hes reaally guilty and protective of her...

thank u for complimenting the clothing designs omg :’o it doesnt feel like i know what im doing but i appreciate it a lot :’)

@synfulbutterfly WHAT THE HE CK!???? OFC I WOULD LOVE IT? lol u would just be drawing dq11 fanart for mE BUT I WOULD LOVE IT

@DetectiveHyde thank you so much!! :D theyre characters from dragon quest 11. its an AMAZING jrpg!! the outfits i made up tho lol

@pawpawpa pau, sweet child.... you dont even know.... yes, youre right, sylvando is the promised land. but theres ANOTHER promised land even AFTER sylvando. you dont even KNOW. ITS!!!!

@immortalsane oh, it does look like her! i totally get where u were coming from now lol. i dont care much for my jade, i prefer yours shes cute ☺️

@immortalsane OMG..... THATS SO FUNNY theres coincidentally a character in this game named jade too, so this is who i thought you were talking about LOL

@immortalsane thx! but wait, howd you know who jade is then? theyre all dragon quest 11 characters :o

@immortalsane who, the sandwich filling? sorry, its eleven/hero/the protagonist lol

completely switched roles too, i used to think eleven was a bycicle. turns out he tops 36 year old men. life is funny

ill post this too... my early interpretation of eleven before i got farther in dragon quest 11 was soo innocent compared to where my headcanons ended up LOL

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