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completely switched roles too, i used to think eleven was a bycicle. turns out he tops 36 year old men. life is funny

ill post this too... my early interpretation of eleven before i got farther in dragon quest 11 was soo innocent compared to where my headcanons ended up LOL

(dusts off my Mastodon guide)
welcome new people! have fun and stay safe! I wrote the guide above to help people navigate their timeline and privacy settings if you are confused.

jfc i feel like you can tell how purely in my element i am drawing no frills shota LOL

honestly i can prob crosspost Boy to twitter i just cant say the forbidden S word there

T__T i wanted to participate at least a little in nsnov even if im not paying any attention to the days at all so heres my shotasona! hes homeless yet somehow chronically and recklessly over confidant

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