You must be adult.

Choose a theme, SFW/NSFW, style Celshade or full process and loosely whatever you may want to say, I promise I'll try to follow. I cannot do all, but can do most based on previous experience.

Post reference picture example below. You can have multiple characters.


Monster/bondage peril

Gymnast/flexible poses

Uniform related (bikini, swimsuit, sex/night wear/latex)

To turn request into art-trade just private message

Celshade Full

@TrC May I request Gwen and Charmcaster in leotards using gymnast ribbons to bind one or the other, your choice as to who is being bound. Charmcaster's leotard can simply be the same color as her outfit but could Gwen's be her Lucky Girl outfit? Referenced below. I think celshade would look nice.

@grayneko Alright, what do you mean by lucky girl outfit?

@TrC That's the outfit she's wearing in the second picture, a hero identity she uses in the show. It was basically ballet/gymnast outfit already.

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