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Kari in a pizzakini. From a trend on Twitter. When the creator of the trend retweeted my artwork, the Puritan retards tried to cancel him. CRINGE

Luz Noceda

Uhhh... well we all do this at some point in our lives.

Luz Cooch

Yeah, Amity tied her arms and dropped her shorts 😈

A gift art I made for @ElieE of her wonderful girl, Alice Liddell!

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Kari the cute OC of @graves :cat_slime: A wonderful artist, I wish happiness will come to you.

I am feeling better now.

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Fun fact: most of the sketches from the past few days are from corrupted files. The only reason I stil have them is because they were uploaded to discord.

It looks like I draw fast, but I’m actually just uploading therapeutic artworks.

Anyway... Marra coochie
It’s magical and will prolly give you nightmares if you attempt cunnilingus.

More cyberlolis

One is an exhibitionist who just wants to find any reason to murder someone

The other is just used for incubation of experimental biomechanical creatures

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