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I think I’m done with my little hiatus. I needed to do it to avoid burnout. I took some time to finally draw some personal art and do a few studies. So now I’m better prepared for commissions. I feel good and I feel refreshed.

Time to get back to commissions!

I hit this milestone over on Twitter. Been stuck on 1.5k here on baraag for months tho 😂

I hope I don’t get banned on twitter tho .__.

My ideas for the pillo challenge.
But what will be printed on the body pillo? 🤔
Drop your suggestions in the comments 👇🏾

So I’ve been experimenting with a new method of drawing so that I can get my ideas out more quickly. Started on it yesterday.
Hopefully I can perfect it soon.
Yesterday (left)
Today (right)

Frida finds a naked wilderness girl.

Part of me likes the idea of Hilda frequently adventuring naked while she lived in the wilderness.

“Those damn internet lolicons. Why do they want to see me naked anyway? And why can’t the keep their hands off my crotch?” :V

Goldieblox: after naked roughhousing outdoors, then cooling off indoors with a tub of vanilla ice cream 😏

Kari: touches herself for the first time. Turns out she really likes it.

Getting your own OC loli commissioned is a pretty awesome feeling TBH

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