Happy Valentine's Day from both me and @goodorevil

This time, we've got Amanda Lipton (Dr. Dimensionpants), Esme (Es,e & Roy) and Leecy (Bruno The Kid)

I've posted a comic on my Pixiv about Penny and Cody from The Rescuers. Check it out on my Pixiv :blobcatpeek:

Talk dirty to me... no seriously send a Message, or DM on Discord so you are not limited, I'm not sure what I am looking when I ask for this ๐Ÿค” , and probably I'm going to regret it but go on.

Maya about to get the 'nectar' out of Naveen's peener.

Art by my friend @kirisuto !

Finally got around to drawing D.W being as sassy as she has no real right to be.

Thanks again for sticking around, liking, and sharing my posts over the year. I can't wait to come into next year with new projects and stuff for you all to gawk at! (or pay for)

And now, more xmas lewds.

Basically there's a town with the same name as Jeremy Creek (the main kid who by the end turned nice) and at around 15:40, this cutie gives a thank you message that changes everything. dailymotion.com/video/xw3xri

Art is by @goodorevil

And here's yet another Cindy Lou Who pic to celebrate the festive period.

Art is done by @TeamPervy

And here comes another image of that girl from The Town Santa Forgot.
Artist is Yaranainoka via Pixiv. (pixiv.net/member.php?id=213331) If you want to support him via Pixiv fanbox (which is where you'll find the majority of his uncensored works), I'd say support him.

I'm doing a Xmas raffle on my Pixiv account for a free commission. Free participation! Check out the post on Pixiv for the details.

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