So I’ve been experimenting with a new method of drawing so that I can get my ideas out more quickly. Started on it yesterday.
Hopefully I can perfect it soon.
Yesterday (left)
Today (right)

Another part from the floaty scene I did. This time Peppermint Patty showing off her balance and flexibility to Chuck~

A 9 year old who enters a stranger's house at night and drinks the first thing he has to offer can only end like this. So many years thinking about this and now i finally decided to draw something.

I Saw Dennou Coil (masterpiece) like a week ago and i insta fell in love with the serie, and many boys of course :v , this masterpiece is also underrated and that also means there is not much shota of it. I'll try to fix that problem ❤️

Continued from the last post, just two boys having fun on the beach, being cute, getting wet.


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