Just mentioning that I lower the price of the membership from 5 dollars to one dollar, I feel that it is the best, and from now on my drawings will be private, although the truth is I feel that it is better that way, I always make drawings for myself or for my group of friends.

That's all

【👑My Queen, My Love💕】

✍️ Wallpaper Done, My queen Sasha is... UGH! 😩💘 it was a lot of fun darwing my wife! I am liking to experiment more, and thank you very much to the people who are supporting me, and my senpai!

☕️Become a member!| buymeacoffee.com/mika92

I had said this on twitter, but I forgot to say it here, I will be making wallpapers for the members, I will see how I do to improve this reward.

And taking advantage of this to make varied styles, thanks to the classes that I pay, and I want to put it into practice.

If you want to support me, you can do it here:

【🕹️ Gamer Pose 🎮 】

✍️ When the game gets tough you take some serious poses!

☕️Become a member!| buymeacoffee.com/mika92

I will be closing commissions and dedicating my efforts to the membership, and the 11 people who continue to support me.

【 😖 Take the stress out💦 】

✍️ I just want to say thank you very much, I will try to do my best as much as I can!

Enjoy my drawings ❤️

☕️Become a member!|buymeacoffee.com/mika92


✍️ Akatsuki Luz Isn't Real, She Can't Hurt You

☕️Become a member!|buymeacoffee.com/mika92

【✍️ Boschlow request! ❤️】

✍️ I am starting to draw the requests of the members of my server, it will take a week at least, but I like the ideas that they proposed to me. 😊

☕️Become a member!|buymeacoffee.com/mika92

Process so far.

I usually delete the wips that I do, but instead I will put a video.

【❤️Enjoying themselves❤️】

✍️ [Poll Winner] Luz and Marcy
✨ Drawing possible thanks to the suggestion of the members!

☕️Become a member!|buymeacoffee.com/mika92

:blobhappy: Commission #4 for @TrickstaKid

It was somewhat challenging, I also had creative freedom to do this, although she still does not have a name according to the owner, But he love it ❤️

It was fun ✨


Contact me on discord: gm92#4812 (only if you want a commission)

🗒️For rules| gm92.uwu.ai/#commissions
💸Prices| buymeacoffee.com/mika92/extras

PS: If you become a member you get a discount!

☕️Become a member!|buymeacoffee.com/mika92

【✍️Sasha Sketches ❤️】

✍️I will be taking request on my server, to see what good ideas await me, I will be doing the most I can. ✨💪

PD: making sketches of my Waifu 💘 My Queen 👑

☕️Become a member!| buymeacoffee.com/mika92

I showed it on the server, I'll be making a request later there, what I do is take the ideas of others and then sketch them, and the one I like the most I digitize it, that would be my way of doing things.

Anyway, here you have a cute Amity 💜

【🍂 OC: May🍂】

✍️I was doing some practices and changing the style a bit, I gave myself the freedom to change some things, like the lineart and the color style, trying to keep colors semi cold.

☕️Become a member!|buymeacoffee.com/mika92

【☕️Membership❤️ 】

✍️I will do my best to bring you more and more drawings, over time I will add more rewards, for now the only thing I can give is request and entry to my server (more details in the link)


【☕️Maid Cafe❤️ 】

✍️ I will not finish the challenge of the 6 characters, well, here you have 3

☕️Ko-fi for|t.co/5DoVfswyWy
🔗Info / Links / gallery|gm92.uwu.ai

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