【 🍑Marcy Love✨ 】

👉 Marcy needs love!

☕️ Support!|

@gm92 Lots of kisses for the cute Marcy :blobaww:

This is the best way to show how much they still love their best friend! :blobheart:

@gm92 Marvelous. Beautiful, wholesome love an affection.

@gm92 Marcy's scar being caressed as an erogenous zone is my favorite genre of 2022

@gm92 So wholesome and loving ^_^ exactly what she deserves

@gm92 Mercy shall live in my head for all eternity 🤎🤎🤎💚💕💯

@gm92 So is Marcy the dark haired girl?
I thought, she was meant to be Luz from Owl House, and already wondered, who the other girls are meant to be. I don't know them.

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