I will be closing commissions and dedicating my efforts to the membership, and the 11 people who continue to support me.

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@gm92 I am gonna commission your ass as soon as I get back. Your art is fucking next level awesome, and you should be absolutely proud of the amount of talent you have. Just because others can't see what you are capable of, does not mean arent capable of creating amazing things.

@achthenuts That is understandable, I speak more of false hopes, they do not even have the kindness to return you a simple: no thanks.

It is simply frustrating, they just left, they even told me their characters and details, some have more than 3 days without answering me.

@gm92 i hope you charge upfront, i dunno if you need the money urgent, if so, please leave me a message and i help you out a bit! :hug:

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