Thank you again for following me and I am glad that you like my drawings.

This will disappoint some, but I do not want to take commissions, some have told me if I have prices or something like that, and no, and I do not want to make commissions, I would feel uncomfortable and I do not want to have pressure, I'm sorry I just can't.

I draw because I feel free, and I want it to continue like this, and I am glad that you like my drawings, I am truly grateful, thank you :blobreach:

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Many have given me confidence, and that is good, I will do my best to improve my self-esteem :blobreach:

I need to be more open to the idea that not everyone has good intentions, but there is always humility, seriously, thank you very much!

Everything happens very quickly, but there is time for change.

Thank you to my friends for everything, and to you! I love you! ❤️

@gm92 You are awesome. It’s okay if you don’t do commissions. I know all your work will be gold regardless.

@gm92 finally someone who thinks the same as me - i also feel uncomfortable getting money from what i do out of love - thank you for making me not feel alone ! :hug:

@gm92 Just draw for yourself! It's okay that people want to draw for others, but we're all different and we all get different things out of drawing! So keep making yourself happy with your work!

@DrZ @gm92 Hope he reads it. last thing he wrote sounded like was Never comming back.

@gm92 Hey, you just keep improving your craft, and we'll do our best to make sure you don't have any worries while doing so!

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