The exhibitionist boy is back and I'm gonna be the laziest bitch ever and just name him Sharky. 🦈

「汁まみれが大好きなイッキくん」 | オベッチョ #pixiv

こんにちは。 こんなの描いてる人です。

「オナ猿になってしまったサッカー部キャプテン 」| オベッチョ #pixiv

Rain of Doodles #453

This exchange of cellmates has been a good idea.
Requested by DjArcticwolvers32
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Rain of Doodles #450

Now you know why the prison guys want me so much.
Requested by Dracoflames & Weldbead
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Rain of Doodles #452

Nothing better than a day at the pool after the quarantine ended.
Requested by Cmdshadow
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I got Zeraora!

Wait... what are you guys going to do!

I need to let my boy Hop alone sometimes, so...

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