"Siri's Adventure" Image Pack is up on Gumroad! gum.co/lZgCC

While out exploring a cave, Siri runs into some native wildlife! Guhas aren't usually interested in females cooler than a toaster oven, but Siri happens to know some tricks and she's looking for a good time.

Full-Size Resolution, 10-variant CG Set featuring these characters:

- Siri (OC of a friend), Ice Jotunn
- Guhalertus (Creature Design of mine)

Content Tags :

- Interspecies / Monster
- Large Insertion
- Double Insertion
- Gape

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Davinci was summoned to be used like an onahole for her master

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What happens after Sakuna is done working in the rice fieldsπŸ˜‹

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Onigiri was made for onahole useπŸ˜‹ ....
More loli Onigiri to come...

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