Please, go to my fanbox account and support me by not just becoming a follower, but also pledging by becoming a fan, i need the money to make it trough! i will close my Patreon this Febraury.

Finally, I managed to finish my new drawing of my two shotas that I did a while ago, I leave you the second strike of Lalo and Genaro, two very tasty shotas! 😏❤😍💕🔰

Enjoy! 😉

Thank you very much for your preference, I leave you with my most recent work, made from the last comic of that shota that wanted to be fucked.

I do this comic in two languages (spa/eng) and two versions without dialogs

Enjoy it!! 😍😏❤💕🔰

Lori let's Lincoln let out some stress on her lower back.

Commission made by @OozutsuCannon Posted with their permission

The aftermath of a long weekend Lincoln spent with just his sisters.

Crop of a Commission by @softsquishy555 check'em out.

Señores, este es mi segundo que hago de esta temporada de dibujos de ☺️💕♥️🔰

Tal parece que les agradó mucho mi dibujo anterior, pero en esta ocasión les hice algo mucho mejor y más bueno que el que vieron. 😏💕

Espero les guste! 😉💕🔰

My favourite part from the new Sonic 2 intro in Origins was when those two bully foxes spit-roasted Tails while Sonic watched! What? You don't remember that part?

Hey guys. Since Twitter suspended me, I wanted to put the drawings I uploaded there onto here, so you guys can see my past work.
For example, here are some more femboy drawings I did a while back. I hope you guys enjoy them!!!

1.) Lincoln fucking Femboy Clyde 2.) Femboy Morty
3.) Femboy Dipper.

Hey everyone! I'd like you to meet my OC characters. Sasha and Penelope, and their brothers Manny and Luke. I plan on doing some projects with these guys, including animations and even comics. I hope you all like them, and plan on seeing more of these guys soon!

Kevin and Charlie are on their way to their first day of school and this includes not just their Diapered Student uniform but all a diapered outfit and a mostly naked outfit as they pose for a picture.

Charlie belons to @OzzieAstaroth

Pics were done by: @Dary_Shota

Zick from Monster Allergy!
A commission for anonymous~ Thanks for the support! #shota

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