Older x younger shotacon warning! 

I finally got a chance to see Promare. While it was exhausting to watch, I absolutely loved the art style. So here鈥檚 some wishful fan art with Lio aged-down and a half-assed background... because that鈥檚 how I roll. Would love to hear your thoughts on the movie or my latest lewd drawing.

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Older x younger shotacon warning! 

@frogsnailandtail never watched it, but this looks incredibly pretty :yanagiyuu_heart3:

@pinkpixelkink Aw thanks friend. Glad you like it. I downloaded it elsewhere, but the watermark says it was from KissAnime.

Older x younger shotacon warning! 

@frogsnailandtail haven't got the change to watch the movie but so far im interested, also your art is very good!

Older x younger shotacon warning! 

@frogsnailandtail 馃檹 馃檹 馃檹 thank you thank you!

@Lio Happy to help. Glad you like my drawing. 馃槈

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