shota, age-gap 

Finally got to watch some Sarazanmai and of course I had to do some fanart. It's so pervy.

While I watched the show, I was imagining Enta getting bukkake'd by a bunch of NPC daddies. In this pic I captured the first shot. ;P

Also, included some preliminary sketches I did to warm up and get Enta's look down in my style. You can tell I fiddled with his hair a bunch to capture his look.

As always let me know what you think. Love reading your comments.


John Clayton | 6 of 6


Sorry it took so long. I was losing steam. Here's my last character for my DILF Challenge, John Clayton, father to Tarzan, suggested by a friend. In my version, I gave him a little bit more body hair. It just made sense. I think I went a little overboard with his peen size tho. πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

All right friends. Thanks for sticking through this challenge with me. And thanks for the follows, faves, boosts and comments.


Dean | 5 of 6

Here's my fifth character for my DILF Challenge. Assumed daddy-figure to Hogarth & handsome beatnik hunk, Dean McCoppin.

One more daddy to draw. This challenge is not even relevant anymore, but I'm gonna finish for sure. I'm torn between sticking to the rules & drawing one of the suggestions or just drawing a dad of my choice. πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

Also thanks so much for 420+ followers! Your favorites, boosts & comments keep me going!


Hiccup | 4 of 6

Here's the fourth character for my DILF Challenge, Dilfcup, from HTTYD: Homecoming. I definitely put my spin on him style-wise and didn't get his face exactly. Made some compromises and Dad'd him up a bit. Hopefully he was worth the wait tho.

LMK what you think.


Iwai | 3 of 6

My 3rd character for DILF Challenge, Munehisa Iwai from Persona 5. So, this came out kinda meh. I really liked his design, but I translated it in such a boring way. I did like the idea of him being a perv flasher, exposing himself to unsuspecting shotas tho. ;P

On to the next one.


Flint | 2 of 6

Challenge Round 2, character 2, Flint from Mother 3. I took some artistic liberties interpreting the sprite with little details like gloves and handsoming-up his face. As usual, would love to hear what you think.


Norman | 1 of 6

My first entry for my lewd DILF challenge, Norman from Pokemon, teasing thirsty shotas with a peak at the goods.;)

Would love to hear what you guys think.

I had a blast drawing all the shota friends for the challenge. So much so that I want to draw another round, but this time I want to switch it up. Instead of sexy shotas, I would love to draw a round of sexy DILFs!

So I would love to hear your suggestions again, but with the sexy DILF theme in mind! Go go go!


And unnecessarily presented all together, the complete set of my lewd shotacon version of the challenge.


Hiro | 6 of 6

My sixth and final entry for the challenge, cutes patoots Hiro Hamada!

Well, I finished the challenge and I'm exhausted. Thanks for all the sexy suggestions. Hope you folks enjoy my drawings as much as I do creating them.


Wilykat | 5 of 6

My fifth entry for the challenge, Wilykat from Thundercats. I grew up with this show. So I had to pay homage to the original outfit (with a few minor tweaks). Tamed his hair and gave him slick shin thingies as opposed to his original clunky boots. Also, accidentally aged him up a little, but I spent so much time drawing the pose that I didn't have it in me to redraw him at the appropriate age. Don't be too mad at me.


Hogarth | 4 of 6

My fourth entry for the challenge, Hogarth Hughes from one my most favorite movies ever. Silly that this is the first time that I've ever drawn him.


Markl | 3 of 6

My third entry for the challenge, Howl's apprentice , suggested by @JacToo2. His design is generic enough that when I drew him initially in my style he wasn't recognizable. Several attempts later, I decided to incorporate a bit of the Ghibli facial structure so that he was more recognizable.

I imagine his magical cloak glitching out on occasion and a random article of clothing would disappear.;P


Chat Noir | 2 of 6

Here’s my second entry for the challenge, none other than Chat Noir clad in his ultra-revealing skin-tight cat suit. Suggested by a friend. ;)


Olli | 1 of 6

Here's my first character for the challenge. He's the protagonist in an vintage Swedish comic from the 1950's suggested by @knullmannen.

I'm gonna try to keep these fanarts simple so that I complete the challenge. Would love to hear what you think.

Also thanks for all the suggestions.

I might regret this, but it looks like everyone is having a lot of fun. Gonna jump on the bandwagon and try this out.

So... friends and followers, give me to draw!


This idea has been sitting in my head for many years now. Happy to finally complete it and share it with you guys.

There are so many quotable lines in the movie, but the one that I can always hear in my head, at any given moment, is near the end and he's about to leave for the bus to London. Out of the blue your hear "Oi! Dancin' Boy!" And he runs to his bff and kisses him and smirks his cutie smirk. πŸ₯°

Lmk what you think of my drawing.

shotacon & age-gap 

Josman has always been a huge inspiration for me. It was rare to find erotic art that catered to my preferences back in my day. So discovering Josman was heaven-sent when I first got into erotic art. Here's a little remix and homage to my favorite picture of his. I've included the original for those of you not familiar with the piece. As always, I'd love to hear what you think.

incest, yaoi, hentai, nepi, shotacon & ruined childhood 

So this started out as just a babycon pic. Then I thought to myself, how can I add to the depravity? Bulma duh, but me not being attracted to women made her pretty boring. I decided to add twinky Trunks to make it more interesting for me. And so... there you have it. The whole incestous Corp. Let me know what you think.

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