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my discord server:

an old set of images i made some long time ago featuring an old character of mine i dont really know what to do with anymore. i had deleted them from my pixiv account earlier today since they were bundled together with yume nikki fangame art which i no longer want on my accounts, but i liked these images enough to consider reuploading them

Elina Mache's big mechanic mommy tiddies
"mommy" almost literally since she's the creator of Bii and Bibi

ever since i fell out of the ynfg community my desire to request art from others has totally plummeted. as much as i like seeing art of my characters i find it difficult to want to ask others to draw them, and there arent that many other characters out there i like enough to ask people to draw now

if anyone's wondering why i dont favorite or follow, it's because i like to reserve those actions for stuff of my niche character interests. since there's nothing/nobody out there that creates such content (at least here on baraag), i dont follow or favorite anything.

lucia with a SUPER CUTE flower crown emote for discord!! :discord: :discord: :discord:

might make a halo version in the future since that would fit lucia's theme more...

just to make sure people know, i've got a lolicon-friendly themeless discord server:

if you like smash bros, jojo, persona, being constantly horny, and dont mind endless streams of the hottest takes known to man, we could probably get along

i post wips of my art here frequently (and when my server finally gets the go live feature, i may start streaming my art too) so if you want to know what i'm working on and how i'm working on it this is the place to be

a by a user over on pixiv

lucia milks herself to save milk for her upcoming baby. already showing signs of a great mother at such a young age...

image here is a smaller res than the original. original res available on pixiv.

alicia makes an experimental futa potion and drinks it like an idiot. i dont think she'd mind potentially having a REAL penis forever though. :mastodance:

opening up again, though only for my characters.
throw me some ideas and i might make it a reality!

Regarding rules on requests:
I don't wanna be limited when it comes to fetishes so if you catch me on a good day I may accept something I'd usually reject (I reject the usual things like scat, piss, and inflation.) However, I'm extremely picky when it comes to what characters I'll draw. I'm very likely to reject any characters outside of my original characters, or select obscure interests.

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